Friday, October 30, 2009

Harvastmath Party

So I had a LOT of fun, won the peep noshing contest ($10 iTunes card!) and got all three of my bean bags in the bucket, netting me a nice little bag of candy... My costume didn't win though, I got beat by an AWESOME homemade granny costume. Totally glad the little girl won, she looked perfect.

Ok: peep noshing (marshmallow peeps Gracie, no fainting!). They had this rope tied to the celing, which was attached to a loop of bungee cord. You had to put the loop of bungee around your head and under your nose, and then stretch it forward to where a tasty little peep awaited you, hanging from a string.
Everyone else keep tilting their head back to get the peep and the bungee cord would go FWAP up into the celing. I watched em do it and figured out that you have to get so worked up that you keep your head down and just use brute strength to pull farther.
By my turn, I was frothing at the mouth a little, grabbed that bungee, and started for the peep...almost got it...


I let out a feral roar and charged forward, holding the bungee with my nose, tore into the peep and bit it in half, then I bit the string and sucked it into my mouth till the other half of the peep was inside....nummy.
I got some funny looks afterwards from the girls, bows and groveling from the guys, but hey, you do what you have to!

The bean bag thing was easy, I play boche ball and cornhole, so I am used to putting things where I want them.

Found out that the 28th was the DEADLINE for the essay, so I won't know for a while yet whether I won or not....grrr *foams a little*

Pics of my Ren fest costume coming up...just need to get them off the camera.

Oh, and I have switched to Firefox now, thanks for the advice Bethany, you are right, I will never go back to IE again!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Bleh, feeling rather awfull today, not sick so much as just....bleh...tired.
Any prayers would be appreciated, this nasty little Bleh bug seems to be going around our family, hope it stops eventually.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reasons to Compliment Me

I can't believe Gracie thinks this is clogging but here goes.

1: I know where SHE lives, and I have ninja friends, including Chuck Norris, who is actually a double agent trying to gain Gracie's trust...oops....

1: Uh, I mean 2: I can play a musical instrument, 'nuff said

3: I let people beat me in capture the flag, cause I'm so NICE:)

4: It's my blog

5: I have a trenchcoat, fear me

6: I, as Grandpa Joe, can look like Bozo the clown (rest in peace Bozo!) and still thrive due to the fact that I have seen and done everything....twice...and I will NEVER buy that T-shirt (Just checking for Terry Pratchet fans)

7: Because I have a windows 7 *manical laughter* upgrade. And my new antivirus has Giggling Zombie Hun repellant

8: I do not mind being humiliated, I am like rubber, I bounce back

9: I give people a false sense of security by letting them think they can run rampant on my blog without being attacked by my creeters.......

10: I can perform a small-start butterfly/half butterfly/ butterfly/ spanish flat/ flatspin/ wedding ring/ flatspin/ butterfly/spanish flat/ ocean wave/ combo with me trusty rope and then throw a slick with the ocean wave, 50% of the time.

11: I wear knee high socks TOO!

12: I had two more things on my list than Gracie;P


Well, it appears that Gracie will not be posting a prompt on Pen-Wielders, but after I went through all the trouble to make an epic nemesis sticker I can hardly stand to let it go to waste.


From now on, anyone who causes me to make a rule I have not already stated gets a Nemesis Sticker.

You can pick from the three below.

I am working on a Friend of Critters Sticker for Gabby and anyone else who compliments me pets.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Windows 7

So, I am switching from Vista (EVIL) to Windows 7 soon. hopefully I will not lose everything when I do, but just in case, I may not be able to post for a while if things do not go well.
Just wanted to tell the myriad of girls who have followed.
I am kinda liking this blog thing.....


I would actually prefer some intelligent conversation on here sometime, wish some guys would follow:)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Bridge

I will watch this movie when it comes out. Even this small clip was enough to make me cry a little (not ususally an easy thing to do)

Ye Book

Hey ya'll, I am trying to get my book finished by Christmas, but I am having a really hard time concentrating, if ya'll could please pray, I would much appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Factor Contest

So I finally finished my essay for the One Factor contest our church is having, just need to go over it a few times to check for wordieness and then off it goes to Treasures Ministry.

Reward if they like it: $1000


Personally, I hope they like it, $900 could turn into a much larger ammount if invested properly.

Pray Ya'll, this could be really good...