Saturday, September 26, 2009

Followers Say off to a slow start!

Well, so far I only have two comments (three if you count my reply) on my followers say post, Alex, as usual, is getting the most attention. I wonder if he is just trolling, picking a hot issue and then refusing to debate would certainly qualify.
I am a little frustrated, Christopher either didn't read my post or is just ignoring what he read, he skipped the question I could and did address (does God SEND people to Hell?) and instead brought up something else. Grrr.... read what I wrote!
Just finished going through the Dungeons of Ivellon Mod I added to my Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion game a while back. Wonderful atmospherics, I still have goose bumps. (Kudos to anyone who has played Oblivion)

Hmmmmm.... Going to Church tomorrow, can't wait to hear what our mentally unstable (and dad-to-be) youth pastor has to say.

Regarding Monday with a slight dread, my rear is beginning to permanently ache from my 4 hour writing sessions.

Ya'll quite bugging me to post more often! Can't you see I have nothing to say?

Friday, September 25, 2009


Beware Traveler, this is the Lair of the Einar, a place where dangerous ideas are expressed with twice the required amount of words.
Comment at your own risk, be be warned that you may be covered in a deluge of well written but wordy replies.
I will not beat around the bush, this is a blog for me to post about whatever I feel like posting about, whenever I feel like it. Do not expect anything, I may go a month without posting, and then riddle you with every detail for the next week. You will never know till you read it.
And Einar is pronounced E-in-are