Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So guess what? My Dad managed to completely blindside me with my first big surprise in AGES. He took me to DC to see my grandparents, and then on the pretense of going to Old Town Alexandria to look for some sessions to play in, took me instead to Birchmere, a famous Concert Hall slash restaurant.

And you will never guess who was performing there.

Gaelic Storm. LIVE. Tickets were only $35 per person.


Oh man it was so great! I can’t possibly explain how cool it was to see some of my favorite artists performing live. I enjoyed nearly all the songs (One had more than few obscenities in it, which bothered me) got to see BOTH types of bagpipes played MAGNIFICENTLY, and was able to talk to the artists later!

Pat Murphy seemed a little brusque to me, but the other musicians were friendly as anyone I’ve met! Jessie in particular (The fiddle player) was very sweet. They all signed my whistle bag fer me (Pat Murphy said it was the first time he has ever signed such an article) and we bought several fine T-Shirts, adorned by bottles, snails, and the new awesomely-cool Gaelic Storm Logo.

Me gots a black shirt with a green snail, the GS logo, and the words “Don’t go fer ‘th one!” on the back. EPIC!

I will be asking my dear parents if I can post some of the pictures and videos we took here on the blog, stay tuned!


  1. Absolutely awesome!

    Never heard of them, before Bethany mentioned them, though. Took me forever (about six months) to locate a store that sold their stuff.

  2. So cool!! I got to see Celtic Woman in concert once, and it was amazing.