Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reasons to Compliment Me

I can't believe Gracie thinks this is clogging but here goes.

1: I know where SHE lives, and I have ninja friends, including Chuck Norris, who is actually a double agent trying to gain Gracie's trust...oops....

1: Uh, I mean 2: I can play a musical instrument, 'nuff said

3: I let people beat me in capture the flag, cause I'm so NICE:)

4: It's my blog

5: I have a trenchcoat, fear me

6: I, as Grandpa Joe, can look like Bozo the clown (rest in peace Bozo!) and still thrive due to the fact that I have seen and done everything....twice...and I will NEVER buy that T-shirt (Just checking for Terry Pratchet fans)

7: Because I have a windows 7 *manical laughter* upgrade. And my new antivirus has Giggling Zombie Hun repellant

8: I do not mind being humiliated, I am like rubber, I bounce back

9: I give people a false sense of security by letting them think they can run rampant on my blog without being attacked by my creeters.......

10: I can perform a small-start butterfly/half butterfly/ butterfly/ spanish flat/ flatspin/ wedding ring/ flatspin/ butterfly/spanish flat/ ocean wave/ combo with me trusty rope and then throw a slick with the ocean wave, 50% of the time.

11: I wear knee high socks TOO!

12: I had two more things on my list than Gracie;P


  1. Unless you own a top hat I will never compliment you.

    So if your fishin' for compliments you better dig up that top hat.

  2. I have an irish beret, a cowboy hat, and a myrad of ballcaps. That is plenty for me.

  3. Tyler is gonna need one for the play, mebbe I'll just steal his while he is trying to get rid of his green moustache

  4. As soon as I see you wearing a top hat I will compliment you. OTHERWISE- you can forget it.

  5. MY friends wear tophats. I am not kidding, here. I mean, the name of the play is "Two Tophats and a Spy"! But they wear them just...around.

    And trenchcoats are even awesomer. Which reminds me I need to ambush Pip and steal his, we need it for the play...always excepting the unhappy fact that Pip would probably make mincemeat of me and any two of my henchmen...hey Einar, why don't you pop over to Oregon and do a little alley-work for me, The Boss....

  6. Hmmmm.... I charge transportation, lodging, and medical expenses plus a 48 pack of Slim Jims. You up for it?
    Oh, and I live in NC:)

  7. i KNOW you live in all i am The Creepy Person....regarding the medical expenses, they would probably be extensive....*snicker*...but i think it's the 48-pak that would break me :)
    this is easily the weirdest comment i've ever left...or maybe that last one took the prize :P

  8. interesting... though I didnt get the 10th point...

  9. Me and Gracie had a deal, I would post a list of resons you should compliment me on my blog, and she would post a list of resons I let her STAY on my blog.

  10. Oh, number ten, those were rope tricks, like with a lasso?

  11. Not many on youtube, but look around, you might find some.
    I am kinda at the beginner side of intermediate.

  12. My plot for taking over the world is working... I have once again been mentioned outside of my blog.

    *Epic Atilla the hun Giggle*

  13. Id doesn't count cause you mentioned me on yers, they cancle each other out:)

  14. *blinks*

    You have a trench coat?

    What you need is a leather Matrix coat, cool sunglasses and Neo's hair.

    I'll laugh at you.

  15. Leather trenchcoat on the way, I don't do sunglasses, and my hair beats Neo's any-day

  16. I'm telling you, you need a Mr. Darcy tophat.


  18. Mr. Darcy's tophat does not go well with my five foot broadsword, or my rope, or my trenchcoat, or me grand scottich brouge.
    With all due respect, Mr. Darcy is a wimp, the only characters in Jane Austin's books with backbone are the ladies.

  19. Mr. Darcy is sooo not a whimp.
    And neither is the absolute best book character in history, Mr. Knightly (Emma).