Sunday, October 11, 2009

Windows 7

So, I am switching from Vista (EVIL) to Windows 7 soon. hopefully I will not lose everything when I do, but just in case, I may not be able to post for a while if things do not go well.
Just wanted to tell the myriad of girls who have followed.
I am kinda liking this blog thing.....


I would actually prefer some intelligent conversation on here sometime, wish some guys would follow:)


  1. *chuckle* When I say I'm switching, it won't be to no wussy Windows OS...[I'm working XP now, everyone I've ever talked to says Vista is evil]'ll be to the BIG ONE, a Mac....*another chuckle* you want me to refer all of the girls [about 30, I believe] following my blog over here?....

  2. *headdesk*

    Intelligent conversation? I was just covering up my intelligent conversation because I didn't think you could handle it. (haha)

    Yeah, Shelly used to have Vista (before she got her Macbook of course) and it was a pain. XP for the win!


  4. oh no Gracie, I think Einar is just hitting on! jk
    hehe, i used to be a straight-up Windows warrior.....but I'm getting fed up with it....and with people who keep saying that Macs are the only way to go....i have DREAMS about Mac, for goodness' sake...

  5. ROFLOL!!!
    Oh my gosh! Can't wait to tease him about that next time I see him. LOL.

  6. lol!

    We will tease him!

    I'm going to use one of the classic 'aurguments' here.

    Are you sexist????


    I agree with Gracie- I didn't think you could handle intelligent conversations. Tee Hee.

  7. Yeah like Gabby's too much better in the intelligent conversation department. :P

  8. What happened?
    How did you go from me pointing out that you are a heretic (DIE!) to me hitting on someone? I am 16 for crying out loud, too young to hit on anyone.

    And yes, I am a chauvinist pig, I believe girls belong in dresses, and that they should know how to cook and sew from age 6. So there!

    And Gracie, Shelly is excused for having a warped mind because she has to cope with you, Bethany however…
    Your sins will be forgiven only if you say twenty “Hail Bill Gates” and shoot your Mac with the nearest convenient firearm.

  9. Einar- Bethany meant it only as a joke, I'm sure. :)

    Ha, you should have seen my cooking when I was 6. I mean you saw it this year at Elijah's birthday party (I noticed the cake was only a fourth of the way eaten, whats up with that?!?)and that was marvelous compared to my cooking when I was six. :P

    Oh haha, that was so funny I almost forgot to laugh.

  10. I knew she was kidding, just using that as an opportunity to state my views on the subject:)

    Ya'll need to be careful not to confuse general studlieness with eligibility ;)

    And anyone who takes that crack seriously has no need to follow my blog.

  11. And I wasn't at the party, or no one but me would have gotten cake.

  12. I'll settle for that. lol.

    It was at homeschool group, the party I mean. I'm pretty sure you guys were there???

  13. Nope, only party we went to this year was the summer break party, we missed all the others because of the $%%*&@*^&*&*! ranch.

  14. At least you censored it. ^_^

    Haha, I thought you liked the ranch?

  15. I like Little Hat, Bronc's Ranch is another thing altogether. There is NOTHING to do, and no internet even if I bring my laptop.

  16. And I follow my own rules, that censored bit was just for fun:) Wish I had comic strip style symbols, dagger/thundercloud/skull/tornado would express my feelings quite well.

  17. I'm sure you can live 2 hours without internet connection...
    But I thought you appreciated learning that roping stuff that makes me look like a fool?

    Haha, that was so comical. (Eeek. Bad pun #2.!)
    *epic atilla the hun giggle*

  18. I shall have to add something about evil puns to the intro post....

  19. And I can learn that at home, trick roping is five minutes watching, two month practicing

  20. Wait a minute, I'm not going to be able to post with all the rules you keep putting up there! lol!

    Exactly, that takes up way to much of my time. Haha

  21. Now you are starting to get the picture....

  22. good heavens, I pop back in here and lo there's 23 comments... hahaha! This is awesome...and I'm not a Mac user YET.....the Mac won't be on the scene til Christmas IF I'm extremely lucky, frugal and hard-working...
    you guys all know each other, don't you....haha, I think only one or two people that I know in real life read my blog..

  23. Yes, I am afraid I do know Gracie in RL...
    I normally wouldn't admit it, but my psycologist insists that I be honest as a coping technique:)

  24. Gee thanks. :P

    Yeah, Gabby, Einar and I are all rl friends. We go to the same homeschool group.

    I'm also rl friends with Kendra. We are in the same youth group.

  25. I can too cook!!!!!! (By the Sexist thing was a joke...everyone says that now. Or your Racist. DO I LOOK RACIST TO YOU??!!!?)

    How about you put on a dress, see how you like THAT!

    *laughs at the idea of Einar in a dress*

    Nevermind, please don't.

    Gracie! Don't amid it...don't tell them we know him!
    *Laughs again..* Einar in a dress....
    Someone will have to draw that. That is funny.
    Einar- You should come to the homeschool group in a dress. XD

  26. I might do a kilt someday, that close enough for you?

    You dont know how loud I just laughed at the thought of Einar in a dress. That might actually make the little kids cry... and maybe me too.

    Kilt, skirt. Whats the difference?

  28. haha, don't go insulting kilts, they are awesome! ;P

  29. Kilt? How would that be any better???

  30. A kilt is a scottish warrior's garb, NOT a dress.
    They go well with six-foot swords.
    Do I need to put up a rule about kilts now? Jeeze....

  31. I know... I know... I do live with Shelly you know.

  32. Indeed I know.
    We share the same psycologist.
    I am going to circumvent you by making a rule that you shall not cause me to make rules. Ha!

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