Saturday, November 28, 2009


So, first we have the Nemesis stickers, for anyone who has caused me to add a rule to the little spiel at the top of the blog, if you are mentioned there, you may take a sticker. (I guess you could take one anyway, but it would be stinkerish of you!)

Next we have the ALL NEW Friend of Critters! stickers, one for each of my favorite critters. You may have one if you have at any point (Now or in the future) complemented my critters. (Again, you could take one anyway, but then it might bite you, not being your friend and all.)

Cloak pictures soon, sorry it has taken so long!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that if ya'll want to pass these pictures on, feel freed. They are meant to be shared. Personally I hope to see Nemesis stickers EVERYWHERE:)

I also wanted to specifically award a Nemesis stickers to Death the Criftonite, and a Friend of Critters sticker to Bethany, even if her critters are fuzzier than mine.


  1. yay for fuzzy critters! thanks :)

  2. *clears throat*
    SOOO you know how yesterday I said you pretty much walked into my novel? All very well and good: you know, sword-fighting, a few otehr random traits, etc.
    THEN I see your profile pic and scare myself silly (and shriek to Kendra on chat).
    When I described the character ('Ben') this is what I said:

    'He had dark brown hair worn just past his ears, and a smile that could only be described as charming.'

    I am not very good at describing people so I left it at that, but suffice it to say that he looked EXACTLY like you.
    Now I am not commenting on the 'charming smile' bit (lol) but good grief!!

    now feel free to feel creeped out by this little revelation, because I sure did!

    and please don't think this is stalker-behavior, nor was I obsessing about you. just HAD to tell the story because it was so weird! hehe

    *she says as she creeps about in a trench-coat in the middle of the night*

  3. To a antagonistic person like myself, the above comment is a goldmine, especially the charming smile bit:)
    HOWEVER, I shall refrain.

    That IS weird, but not too weird, lots of medivial characters wore their hair that way, and "charming smile" is hardly specific.

    Now, if my picture were EXACTLY what you were envisioning...that would be a little more creepy. *Checks street for trenchcoat-clad writers*

    What chat program do you use? I can't use Facebook or Myspace (yet....parents stubborn) but I have Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger, use either of those?

  4. Sorry Bethany, Einar's smile is so very not charming. LOL.

    Although I must admit the fact that you screamed is HIGHLY hysterical. And Einar will never be able to forget that as long as he knows me.

    Bethany- If you have a yahoo messanger, so do I. :)

  5. *grins widely*

    okay, i gotta say, yo pic was pretty much a dead ringer for my character...oh wellz, we shall leave the interesting topic to moulder in the dustbins of memory...

    re: chat....i actually never chatted until i got Facebook, and that's the only one i've used much so far, but it is SO annoying...i downloaded AIM once on the other computer but i don't have anything on Eddie yet.
    i will however get Yahoo and WE WILL CHAT....
    *evil intimidating rumble in throat*

  6. Horse Lords, what have I unleashed?

    Gracie, if you are allowed and don't mind, I would like to have yer messenger name too.

  7. okay, got Yahoo! bethie_forty_two

  8. Einar- I don't mind. :)
    Bethany- Adding you. :D

    I'm extraordinaire00