Sunday, December 6, 2009


The excellent Gracie recently sent me a picture of when she accompanied me and some friends to the Ren Fest last year (08) since it has a picture of the (old) cloak, I am posting it here until I can get some more recent pictures of my costume. Sword not yet included, but on the way as soon as I get the $190.

I made this thing from the heaviest material I could find, it is water resistant, and so functions as a poncho when needed. Also, it is so heavy that I occasionally go mad when wearing it and begin screaming about giant squids, carpet monsters, and bread dough.


  1. It was awesome! =)

    (I'm the one in the green dress)

  2. Nice! VERY nice! :)

    wish y'all could come to our Ren September...tis awesome.
    here's the post from this year's Faire:

    I oughta post a pic of my cloak... :)

  3. ah, yes. the carpet monsters....

    i love the pic!!!!!
    i now officially want to make myself a cloak..... :)

  4. your cloak is heavy? like weighted clothing for strength and endurance training? Soooooo, you're kinda like Picollo from DBZ. lol

  5. His cloak is very heavy.
    I tried wearing it once and crumbled to the ground. ;)

  6. She didn't have very far to go though, so no one was injured:)