Friday, December 18, 2009


We are now up to 10" folks, that is the most we have had for the past TEN YEARS!
Global Warming my eye! Last year was a new record as well, although it took place in JANUARY, this is BEFORE CHRISTMAS!


  1. Hi, I've seen you commenting on Kendra's blog for awhile now and finally decided I'd come check you out. Needless to say I love your blog. And I'm following!

  2. Snow. I don't like the snow. How about you come over here and shovel up our snow? :P

    No, it's fun to play in though.

  3. Hey Bleah! Thanks for following! Feel free to comment, and I hope you enjoy my posts!

    I have already done me snow shoveling fer the day Camellia,Helped get a neighbor's 4x4 our of a ditch....took FOREVER.

    Our (other) neighbor has a tractor with a snowplow, so we reversed it to pack the snow down and have been making the ultimate sledding area. Just need to wait fer it to freeze or'night and it will be perfect!

    ANNND, Our next-door-neighbor who has a REALLY powerful dirt-bike is trying to make it into a snow-mobile by attaching runners to the front wheel, tomorrow should be a most interesting day!

  4. Hi, I just found your blog through my sisters' and as I was reading through your profile, you mentioned some of the stuff you like to read, and being a fellow reader I thought I'd recommend "the Last Jihad series" by Joel Rosenburg They're really good! Christian, political thrillers, with a bit of historical stuff & alot of adventure. Check em out!

  5. Hey There
    We awarded you! Have fun Love Hannah

  6. I loveeee snowwwww. :D

    I know, It made it to a whole foot of snow. Last time we had this much was january 2000. :O

  7. Thanks Julia, I shall check them out at soon as I can!
    Have you ever read the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson? They are some VERY excellent Christian Thriller/Romance novels.

    Thanks for the award Cowgirls!

    Gracie, have you heard we are supposed to get this much again on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!
    That'l be me first White Christmas!

  8. I hearrddddd!! :D
    I've had one sorta white christmas before. But it was in TN visiting my grandparents. And it was just little flurries of snow and it didn't stick. lol.