Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years!

This is being posted one hour after New Years, Happy New Year everybody!!!!

We spend the entire time down in our newly refurbished basement playing our new WII!!!!!!!
Thats right, our family officially has it's second console, we go for sixteen years using only PCs, and then in one Christmas we get both a PS2 and a Wii! Guitar Hero 80s Rock FTW!!!

So far we have a bunch of games for the PS2, namely Guitar Hero, Vitrtual Fighter IV, and Rygar.

For the Wii, we have a hunting game which we have yet to try, the usual Wii sport pack, and Wii Resort pack as well. We (no pun intended) also have a racing game, Star Wars lightsaber duels (meh) and Monkeyball!

Funfunfun! So far I win 2/3 of the games I play, unless it is bowling, which I am good as, but my sister is INCREDIBLE at. She gets strikes 9/10 of the time!

The Resort Swordplay game is great and hilarious to watch: "Hah! take that!" "Watch out, you almost hit me there!" "What? I am trying to hit you!" "With the controller you dork!" WHAP! "HaHA!" "No fair, I was looking away!" "Well it's yer fault for-" WHACK!

*Evil chuckiling*

The Archery is the coolest though, You use the Nunchuk to pull back the arrow, and hold the Wii like a bow, so it is soo realistic.

This probably sounds stupid to anyone reading it, so just take my word for it, words cannot express how cool this thing is!


  1. Wii's are great. (:
    Btw, not this homeschool group (because I wont be there, grandparents coming in) but next time- I'll bring you Twilight Princess.

  2. Ahh! We're not sure if we're coming or not.
    There might be snoww.
    But if there's not here, there is where my grandparents live. Its over a 2 feet of snow there. So they probably won't be coming.

    We'll be taking Ty and Ian so yeah. We might be there. XD

  3. I want a Wii. :P
    But I'll be happy with our PS2.

    And stealing my older brothers PSP...bwahahahahahaha