Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hmmmm, been awhile since I posted here, going to have to put SOMETHING up soon, despite all my disclaimers.

Been really busy here, lotsa writing mostly, but I am also imensly enjoying Zelda: Twilight Princes for the Wii, which was lent to me by J.Shelly, a friend on blogger and Real Life:)

Right now our family has a cold, so not feeling very good, but hopefully that will change by tommorow, so I can go to HSG.

Oh! And I am starting Drivers Ed next Thursday! So excited to finally be learning, even if I can't afford a Car or Insurance:P


  1. *is a little worried about the drivers ed thing*

    *but hands Einar a larger cane so Einar doesn't ruin his back, as Grandpa Joe seems to have done*

  2. Argh, I did ruin my back! Still aching now!

    Going to take half a night of Zelda from a comfortable armchair and then sleeping in for hours to fix it! Good thing it's Friday!

  3. Einar...driving?

    Saving Cows!!!!!!
    I was hoping this day would never come.